Cantaloupe Jaguar Bedding


At Avalana we create products for bespoke interiors that inject a sense of wonderment through our beautifully hand painted designs.

Inject a sense of the exotic into your interior with this truly striking design. The painting captures a rainforest scene drenched in warm tones of cantaloupe and deep sage green foliage. A jaguar is on the prowl, while a toucan sits watchfully amongst the leaves at sunset.

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Digitally printed onto luxuriously smooth 220 thread count cotton sateen, this gorgeously soft and 100% breathable fabric helps regulate your body’s temperature and aid a restful night’s sleep.

Each bedding set contains one duvet set and two pillowcases.

The reverse of this bed set is white.

Not sure which stunning Avalana product to choose?

Get a sample (or two) to check which design will complement your interior.

*Sample starts at £2.