Interior Design Masters, Episode 5 – “Beach Hut Week”

Sharing my insight into episode 5 of Interior Design Masters and the creative process that went into the Avalana elements featured on the show on Beach Hut Week.

Now halfway through the competition, the remaining five designers continue bravely striving towards their dream of becoming recognised as a professional interior designer and awarded a contract with a luxury hotel by the lakes. This week, the designers have the chance to work solo on their projects which means they will face even more scrutiny from judges Michelle Ogundehin and Sophie Robinson! 

The project involves transforming a beach hut with 5 individual briefs. Pink-haired design extraordinaire Siobhan was given the brief “Tropicana” and she was quick to seize the opportunity of working solo to unleash her creativity (and the colour pink) into the project! Working with a 3 x 2.5-metre space, Siobhan decided to create a tiki beach hut complete with a drinks bar – an instant hit with anyone between the ages of 18 – 30!! 

What did the judges think?

Siobhan’s vibrant colour choices paired with bamboo and Hawaiian grasses introduced a feeling of fun and amusement to the beach hut, while the tropical feature walls and cushions transported us to sandy white shores and unfamiliar birds calling. The judges absolutely loved her design calling it a “coherent vision”, “verging on genius” and “fabulous”.

Siobhan had once again seen a fantastic opportunity to recruit Avalana Design to the project. Avalana Design were responsible for the awe-inspiring Cloud Forest Wall Mural which was recoloured for wallpaper panels and cushions that seemed to transport us to a different location.

These designs were meticulously edited by Avalana Design to match Siobhan’s strong colour scheme perfectly. Siobhan had a very clear idea about her colour palette, which she had sent across to Hazel to take a look at. Hazel then got to work recolouring her cloud forest mural to sit within the scheme and had the wallpaper and fabric printed and shipped ready in time for the show.

But this isn’t a service reserved for contestants of BBC interior design programs either! Any of the Avalana Design’s colours can be modified and murals can be altered to fit any space and taste. So if you are inspired to make your own Siobhan Tiki Beach Hut, you can get in touch to order your own mural and cushions today!