At Avalana it’s all about creating truly stunning, hand painted designs. Each print is designed to encapsulate the extraordinary beauty of our natural world and seeks to inspire a sense of wonderment and escapism to the viewer. Now more than ever our homes and surroundings need to feel like our very own sanctuary space, bringing us joy and allowing ourselves to escape the noise of the day. 


Every Avalana design starts life as a sketch, which is then lovingly hand painted in the Manchester based studio. Founded in Summer 2018, after 10 years of working in industry as an experienced designer-artist; Avalana was born from a watercolour set and an instagram account. ‘It was time to take the reins of my own creative journey and design artwork I was truly inspired to create’. Avalana offers a personalised design service for private clients and commercial developers, throughout the UK and overseas.  


All collections are lovingly curated through imaginative vigour. Taking pride in painting the natural habitats around the world and reflecting the exquisite details found within them. Each design tells it’s own story; prints & patterns draw inspiration from a blend of travels, folklore & nature. As we reach ever more concern over the loss of these habitats it is important to keep these beautiful places in our minds and at the forefront of conservation. 



Having worked for almost a decade through a variety of creative industries as an in-house designer, I felt the time was now to take the lead in my own creative journey.

Since launching my interiors brand in 2018, I have been overwhelmed with the positive response. Avalana has gone from strength to strength in its first year. Watch this space for some exciting projects coming soon!

ALWAYS:    inspired

the design is stunning

Just had the Yukata Blossom Wallpaper and have to say it is absolutely fantastic quality and the easiest paper I have ever worked with! Seriously went on like a dream, the wall, and the design is stunning! I can’t tell you how pleased I am with this. I couldn’t even tear the paper to keep a piece for colour matching it is such beautiful quality! The colour and detail are exquisite .. the photographs do not do it justice. Love it. Thank you.

Joolz Wright

quality art

I was looking to commission a custom wall print for a birthday gift, however, had almost no design to go on and very little time to get the work ready. Fortunately, I found Avalana, who walked me through the whole process and fleshed out the original concept while tailoring it specifically for the person in question – all within the tight deadline required. I will absolutely be ordering from Avalana again and recommend anybody interested in quality art to do the same!

Mark Graham